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Five on Friday: Efforts To Limit the Spread of Omicron

Five on Friday: Efforts To Limit the Spread of Omicron

Happy Friday! We at MCN have regular video calls with staff across the country, and it’s always a challenge this time of year to hold in those grumbles when the Puerto Rico team is enjoying 85-degree weather. At one meeting this week, the climate differential between offices was 46 degrees, from below-freezing, to tank top time. Every type of weather appears to be possible this week, and some areas are facing extremes. Wherever you are, we hope you are staying safe and warm. Here’s our weekly rundown of health news and views that we at MCN enjoyed. Grab a cup of hot tea (or iced tea, if you’re in San Juan) and have a read.

People at a detention center

Kaethe shared the in-depth New York Times article that explores the controversial use of state law enforcement to reduce border crossings. Helicopters and High-Speed Chases: Inside Texas’ Push to Arrest Migrants

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A person receiving a vaccination

What’s the optimal time for a booster? Well, the world is in the process of data collection. Different countries are choosing various timelines -- we’ll see what’s most effective over time. Robert shared the Reuters article: Denmark Cuts COVID-19 Booster Shot Interval to 4-1/2 Months

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A clinician with a covid test

Everybody poops, noted Esther, when sharing this NPR radio segment, an innovative way to track Omicron when at-home tests and asymptomatic cases may obscure the official case count. Poop Sleuths Hunt for Early Signs of Omicron in Sewage

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A person being tested for COVID-19

Confused on what a vaccinated patient should do if they experience a breakthrough infection? This Atlantic article spells out the confusion and tries to bring some clarity, as Omicron starts to spike. Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Omicron

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A person on their cell phone

Weekly Win: Karen noted that, while this is just the introduction of the bill, the push for permanent telehealth options is growing in strength, which can remove significant barriers to care for isolated or migrant patients. Ways & Means Health Leaders Author New Bipartisan Bill to Break Down Barriers to Telehealth

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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