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Five on Friday: Life as an Essential Worker

Five on Friday: Life as an Essential Worker

Omicron dominated the health headlines, but many other critical health topics found coverage this week, as well. But don't worry – MCN staff has you covered. Here are five pieces we shared this week.

A model of lungs

Del shared an important article highlighting the new research on Tuberculosis which shows airborne transmission similar to COVID-19 via restful breathing – and a surprise to the medical community who has largely assumed that coughing was the primary form of transmission. The Next Big One: Drug-Resistant Airborne Tuberculosis

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A memorial

Del also shared this excellent article that gives insider's glimpses into the meatpacker's daily life, from The Guardian: The Disposable US Workforce: Life as an ‘Essential’ Meatpacking Plant Worker

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A young person receive the vaccine

Kaethe offered up this new article to help clarify parental consent laws by state: Should Kids Need Parental Consent to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s What the Research Says

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Farmworkers in the field

Amy shared the new opinion article from the Journal of Agromedicine, “‘Essential’ but Undervalued: Industry Must Do More to Protect Farmworkers.”

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A person receiving a vaccination

Bonus Article: Amy also shared another insightful read that helps clarify the federal mandate: We Ran OSHA. Here's the Truth About the So-Called 'Vaccine Mandate' 

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The title screen of the linked video

Weekly Win: Check out the Young Invincibles, a partner of MCN, encouraging vaccines among young people at the Good Vibes Festival in Houston – amazing work, and much-needed! See their website for many other resources and reports.



Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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