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Five on Friday: COVID-19 in Immigration Detention Centers

Five on Friday: COVID-19 in Immigration Detention Centers

Happy Friday to you! Here, we offer up five pieces recommended by the staff of Migrant Clinicians Network, including one Weekly Win, to keep you up to date in the world of health justice.

An image of cells

Roxana shared this NPR article that leans on new data to answer to questions like “If I just had COVID, am I protected against getting a severe course of COVID in the future?” The Future of the Pandemic Is Looking Clearer as We Learn More about Infection

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Kaethe shared a Mother Jones article which puts the wait of asylum seekers for their court dates into perspective: More Immigrants Are Waiting in Legal Limbo Than Ever Before. Why Is It So Hard to Fix the Backlog in the Courts?

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The outside of a detention center

Kaethe also showed this article that details how 14% of people in ICE custody had COVID in the first weeks of 2022. The article states, “ICE has repeatedly demonstrated that it is incapable of handling public health crises.” COVID Is Racing Through Immigration Detention Centers — And It’s Putting the Entire Country at Risk

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A child receiving a vaccine

Candace forwarded on a Medscape write-up on a new study: Childhood Trauma May Influence Vaccine Hesitancy

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Farmworkers in the field

Weekly Win: Claire celebrated the burgeoning movement at the intersection of farmworker health and the climate crisis in Washington State. This reporting from High Country News details the trials and tribulations of farmworkers there, from heat, to racism, to COVID – and their relation to the growing farmworker movement for climate justice.  A Just Transition for Farmworkers

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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