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Five on Friday: Overtime Pay For Farmworkers

Five on Friday: Overtime Pay For Farmworkers

It’s Friday again! Lots of updates in the world of health justice this week, including a double weekly win, so let’s get right to it:

A pregnant woman

More and more research is confirming that the COVID vaccine does not negatively impact fertility and pregnancy. Del shared the latest from the CDC: Receipt of COVID-19 Vaccine During Pregnancy and Preterm or Small-for-Gestational-Age at Birth 

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Rapid Antigen Tests

Kaethe shared an illuminating Kaiser Health News article on the ins and outs of the rapid antigen test: It’s Day 6 of Covid, and a Rapid Antigen Test Comes Back Positive. Stay Home, Say Virologists.

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Farmworkers leaving work

Amy heartily recommends this op-ed written by Eva Galvez, MD, a member of MCN’s Board of Directors, on proposed legislation in Oregon, which leads us into our Weekly Win: Overtime Pay for Farmworkers a Matter of Health Equity

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Farmworkers at work

Weekly Win: The fight is on in Oregon – but in New York State, the struggle for overtime pay has succeeded!  Thank you to MCN’s Ed Zuroweste, MD, and Board member Rob Shelly, MD, FAAP, for their ongoing advocacy on this important issue in their home state! Farm Laborers Wage Board Affirms Lower Threshold of Overtime for Farmworkers

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A human cell infected with HIV

Double Weekly Win: Ashley-Michelle celebrated the start of clinical trials for the HIV vaccine – which utilizes the same technology as the mRNA COVID vaccines! Moderna Launches Clinical Trial for HIV Vaccine that Uses mRNA Technology

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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