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Five on Friday: Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants in California

Five on Friday: Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants in California

With Omicron cases still spiking, it’s no wonder that the articles we shared internally this week at MCN were mostly about COVID. But there are other health news that we shared as well -- actually, four of five offerings this week aren’t directly related to COVID! Have a look at five pieces we think you’d like to read, offered by MCN staff.

The front of the US supreme court

Esther shared the big (COVID-related) news from yesterday: Supreme Court Blocks Biden's Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Large Private Companies

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Researchers in a lab

MCN continues to watch antibiotic resistance related to agriculture that impacts human health. This article gives us pause: Gene Discovered in Georgia Water a Possible Global Threat

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A field of plants

Amy offered this article with the opener: “A non-COVID story for Five on Friday!” Yes, we love having a diversity of topics – thanks, Amy! Monsanto To Pay $12M For Illegal Pesticide Use On Hawaii Fields

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A person using a computer

Del forwarded on the announcement of the CDC Foundation’s national virtual summit on Tuesday, January 25, on creating an interoperable and modern data and technology infrastructure, which is part of a series: Lights, Camera, Action: The Future of Public Health National Summit Series

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Mother and child are examined by clinician

Weekly Win: Kaethe held up a bright, warm flame in all that COVID cold: In the Golden State, Gov. Gavin Newsom unveiled a plan to allow people who are in the country without authorization to sign up for Medi-Cal: California Poised to Extend Health Care to All Undocumented Immigrants

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Have a safe and healthy weekend!

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