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MCN Webinar: It's Your Right to Know! Helping Community Health Workers Promote Chemical Safety on the Job

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize how workers become exposed to chemicals and illness
  • Describe basic safety practices when working around chemicals
  • Understand the role of Community Health Workers in identigying and preventing work-related illnessess and hazards
1. Did the training meet all of the above learning objectives?
7. How helpful was the information you leaned today in enhancing the performance and operations of your health center?
8. Was the content balanced and free of commercial bias?
Your views and opinions are very important to us in providing insight to specific areas of concern that we can address in future trainings. Though it is not mandatory to answer questions 10-13, any feedback is appreciated.
14. Did you view this webinar as an individual or in a group?
16. Type of Continuing Education certificate you would like to receive?
It is important that license numbers be provided as they are required by the state for reporting purposes.
18. Would you like to recieve your certificate electronically, via your e-mail address, or do you prefer to receive a hard-copy of your certificate via the USPS?
21. Gender
30. Please indicate the type of phone number you provided