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This algorithm in English and Spanish can be used by health center program grantees as part of the intake process to identify farmworker patients.  It incorporates HRSA’s 2012 revised definition of migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

An employee performance review form. Includes a rating system, evaluation & goals and verification of review.

MCN recommends screening for migrant status at every clinic visit. This bilingual tool is designed to help clinic staff identify migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

Clinic staff should verbally question client at every visit and determine status (migrant farmworker, seasonal farmworker, aged/disabled farmworker, not a farmworker) based on client’s responses.

THIS AGREEEMENT made effective the date of signing below, between ****** COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER, INC., hereinafter referred to as “***,” and *****, hereinafter referred to as “****.”........

Usted y su bebe pregnancy pamplet.

Two-page form used to report accidents or incidents in the clinic.

To define a process for accepting verbal or telephone orders and test results directly from physicians, physician extenders (Physician Assistants, Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners), labs and/or testing services.

Enrollment into the Health Network has been made easier. All forms have been consolidated into this one simple application packet. Choose from English, Spanish, Creole, and Portuguese. VIsit MCN's Health Network page to learn more about the program and the application process.