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The National Nework for Oral Health Access has developed a user’s guide that provides a structure, options, and suggestions to help Health Centers develop programs to implement oral health competencies that integrate oral health care into primary care practice, which increases access to oral health care and improves the oral health status of the populations Health Centers serve.

To establish a procedure by which a patient may have antibiotics for prophylaxis ordered without a provider visit.
A description of dental appointment and scheduling terms for dental receptionists.
Checklist of delineation of privileges for either dentists or dental hygenists for applicants or new hires.
To establish a procedure by which a LSCHC dentist may refer a patient to the medical clinic for a nurse only visit (without a medical provider visit) to have parenteral antibiotics for an emergency dental abscess.
To establish a procedure by which a patient may have referral for emergency dental problem without a provider visit.

To assist health center leaders with implementing an Oral Health Collaborative, the faculty and participating teams of the Pilot program developed the “Oral Health Disparities Collaborative Implementation Manual”.  The manual contains a number of useful tools as well as real life strategies for improving dental care.