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Staffing ratios are a critical component of clinic productivity and business plans. This table shows one way to look at staffing ratios by estimating how many support staff is reasonable for each FTE provider in the clinic. Clearly this figure will vary depending on the type of practice (i.e. very heavy procedure oriented, high risk patients, a lot of obstetrics) but this example is a good "bench mark" for a basic primary care CHC doing full scope primary care with a primary care provider staff.
Sample of one health center's prodictivity and revenue analysis used to determine staffing needs.
Sample montly individual encounter report.
Sample worksheet used to analyze provider staffing in a family practice setting.
The purpose of this paper is to provide balanced information on the issue of physician productivity. It discusses how different organizations currently measure physician productivity and what they do with that information.
Sample year-to-date medical encounter report. This is included to show an example of how encounter reports can be written.
Sample forms to help calculate provider productivity incentives.
A sample written provider productivity incentive plan.