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To differentiate between different classifications of employees for purposes of determining benefits, eligibility for overtime pay, and other issues.

Sample policy on employee immunization records.

To outline procedures for discipline and / or termination of employees.

To maintain a safe work environment free of controlled substances.

To delineate the procedures for court appearances by employees.

To maintain confidentiality of corporate and programmatic information.

To allow leave time for employees to attend funerals of immediate family members.

To insure that anyone filing a complaint concerning a suspected ethics violation pertaining to acts in good faith

To delineate policies for wage increases, bonuses, and promotions.

To allow employees time to vote in national and local elections

To provide guidelines for employees resigning.

To delineate the types of unpaid leave that employees may use.

To provide guidance for employees needing to travel to conduct business.

To ensure a consistent process for the selection of new staff members.

To guide corporate response in the event that one of its representatives, is served with a court order in the form of subpoena, search warrant, or writ of attachment.

To outline the guidelines for employee workday schedules and breaks.

To clarify procedures for payroll and reporting hours.

To clarify staff responsibilities about mandatory reporting of abuse of a child, elderly individual, or disabled individual.

To provide information about past employment with to new or prospective employers.

To avoid impropriety, or the perception of impropriety, as the result of accepting gifts from individuals or organizations.

To provide employees with funds for Professional Development and continuing education.

To maintain a professional business atmosphere.

To maintain comprehensive, organized personnel files for all staff members.

To delineate the acceptable and unacceptable personal uses of resources.

To maintain status as an independent, non-partisan organization.

To provide employees with a process for receiving regular feedback about their performance and to provide a standardized way for employees to make plans for their professional development.

To delineate the deductions which are made from employee paychecks.

To provide employees with paid time off.