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This South Carolina hepatitis C testing protocol is very clear and thorough. South Carolina provided hepatitis C testing at local health department clinics for high risk individuals. This protocol gives specifics on how they determined risk, how to give risk status information to the client, and how to deliver positive and negative test results. Interestingly, this protocol was assessed for cost-effectiveness, and revisions included changing the "number of lifetime partners" risk category to "50 or more" to be elegible for testing at the health department in the absence of other risk factors. An excellent model to use if you are considering screening and offering testing at your site.

This resource provides a straightforward tool to use to develop effective hepatitis risk assessment with adult clients through your clinic charting system.

This document answers commonly asked questions about the revised guidelines.
The "Hepatitis B Facts: Testing and vaccination" was updated to reflect changes made to ACIP's recommendations that expand the definition of who is eligible to receive hepatitis B vaccine.
This tool by the NM state health department is a nice simple grid to use for decisions by risk group on who to immunize for hepatitis A and B and test for hepatitis A, B, and C.
A handy one page reference that covers basic hepatitis facts. Useful for keeping in exam rooms.
This position paper provides critical information that clarifies standard hepatitis screening and vaccination recommendations for these populations. New updated version July 2008.