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“Social networking” or “Web 2.0” is the portion of internet activity that includes blogging, as well as the use of the following tools:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, flickr and YouTube.  This list is likely to expand, contract or otherwise change based on emerging trends.

Social networking builds and strengthens relationships with health center staff, boards, advocates, patients. Expand our ability to reach, educate and mobilize potential supporters and advocates. It is a significant source in the online environment of information related to health care delivery to medically underserved persons in general and health centers in particular. Expand the reach of our messages via communications channels that more and more individuals, policymakers and the media are using. Boost traffic to your organizations web site.

The purpose of the Computer Virus Detection Guideline is to describe the requirements for dealing with computer virus, worm and Trojan Horse prevention, detection and cleanup.
uses information technologies to support employees and other authorized users to work efficiently in delivering services.
requirements for dealing with computer security incidents.
Password Guideline is to establish the rules for the creation, distribution, safeguarding, termination, and reclamation of the user authentication mechanisms