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To ensure all data is maintained and properly backed up to maximize recovery in the event of disaster and to make the file accessible to other staff.

To implement a plan in case of any accidents or emergencies involving staff involved in official activities.

Seven page document that provides a sample/template emergency preparedness plan.

Two documents that can be used as a template guide for creating a pandemic flu policy.

Any patient presenting or calling with any of the following conditions will receive immediate attention. If present in the clinic, the patient will be taken to an exam room immediately and the RN, PA , or physician will be called to make further evaluation. If the patient calls, the urgent call message will be taken director to the provider and in their absence, to the clinical coordinator or available RN for a plan of care.

The Workbook provides a process that can support state, local,and tribal planners as they advance in their efforts to reach all populations—and specifically, special populations—in day-today communication and during crisis or emergency situations.

The Workbook is divided into three primary sections, each representing a major stage in the process of communicating with special populations,and provides a baseline of research plus selected resources that should substantially reduce the work required of health departments to begin this process.

Sample clinic policy for scenarios that constitute emergencies requiring immediate attention by an auxiliary medical personnel or physician.

Sample year-long calendar outlining emergency preparedness activities.
The goal of this Emergency Management plan is to describe the organization�s approach to responding to emergencies within the organization or in its community that would suddenly and significantly affect the need for the organization�s services, or its ability to provide those services, and to protect staff, patients, and visitors from harm and to ensure an effective response to disasters or emergencies affecting the environment of care.
Sample policy stating the procedure for a medical emergency.

To assure relevance of the plan and ensure that all data is maintained and properly stored and all policies and procedures are followed to maximize recovery in the event of disaster.

This Policy Information Notice (PIN) provides guidance to health centers on emergency management expectations related to planning and preparing for future emergencies.