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This chart shows which vaccinations you should have to protect your health.
This poster was adapted from one made by the Bluegrass Farmworker Health Program. Division of Viral Hepatitis Education and Training staff worked with an illustrator to take the concept and made this beautiful bilingual poster. You can print this on your office printer and use in your clinic!
This article on hepatitis basics was written for HepTalk project clinics to cut and paste easily into their agency newsletters. It is written for clients.
Please give your HIV- or HCV-infected patients copies of the educational pieces below to help them stay informed about the vaccines they need.
From the New York State Department of HealthRisk Assessment and Tailored Harm Reduction Messages
Hepatitis Patient Education poster in English ready to download and print out for your use.
A simple sign to use in public bathrooms and/or your waiting area to let patients know where and how to get condoms from the clinic.